1st Quarter 2005
Grab Bag
Casie Berning, Stan Ernst, and Neal H. Hooker
Despite early stumbles, the E-grocery market rebounded and has grown dramatically since 2003. New entrants — many of them traditional grocery retailers venturing into E-commerce — are offering more products and services to broader geographic areas. This paper addresses the question of whether or not surviving E-grocers are entering the "right" markets — the ones containing enough of the kinds of customers inclined to use this service and generate profits — and what a right market looks like.
Godfred Yeboah
Sub-Saharan Africa has been a major recipient of development aid. This level of donor support has not made a dent in alleviating poverty and improving the standard of living in the subregion. This paper highlights the Farmapine model, a market-based development approach that provides a basis for sustainable rural development. The paper also discusses the factors that facilitate replication of the model in other communities.

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