1st Quarter 2005

A Statement from the Editors

Welcome to our third issue of Choices. We want to make you aware of several things.
  • Choices is a good place to get your work out. During the period November 1, 2004 to January 31, 2005, our Choices website has had about 216,000 total hits, which represent the total number of requests made to our server. Most of these hits came from the United States, but many are also from countries around the world.
  • We need outreach partners. Please help us reach more people with mailing lists who can join in our outreach partner campaign. See our plea and forms to nominate or agree to be a partner on our outreach page. In this regard, we are pleased to welcome several new outreach partners, including CattleNetwork.com, that will consider redistributing our web page and email announcements to their 15,000 subscribers.
  • We are trying to get issues out on time. After this issue, we will strive to publish at the end of each quarter of the year.
  • Please send us content. High-quality issues require high-quality content, and we would like to see the profession help us by contributing more content. We would really like to see a significant pickup in the number of thematic submissions and an enhancement in the stream of grab bag submissions. For submission requirements, see our submissions page.

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