2nd Quarter 2006

Coming Attractions

Resources and the Environment

Invasive Species
Rachael E. Goodhue, Guest Editor, and Gregory McKee, Guest Editor

U.S. agriculture faces the invasion of foreign pest species like the med fly or, in prior times, the fire ant. Invasive species policy problems are characterized by substantial uncertainty regarding biological interactions/processes and economic relationships. Critical mistakes regarding policy choices can be made if such relationships are not properly considered. Each article in this set identifies a key lesson for invasive species-related actions and policy.

Agriculture and Trade

Livestock Future
Walter J. Armbruster, Steve Halbrook, and Mary M. Thompson, Guest Editors

Animal Agriculture in North America faces a future with opportunities and challenges. This set of papers tries to overview the current state of the industry, give a glimpse into the future, provide ideas for change and their potential consequences, inventory issues that need further research, industry actions, or government policy, propose future policy alternatives and business strategies, and analyze impacts on stakeholders identifying knowledge gaps and set forth a research and policy agenda. The papers are drawn from a broader report that provides additional detail.

We are working on future theme coverage on the Farm Program, Animal ID, Illegal Immigration, Water Quality, Returns to Research and Extension, and Produce Marketing. See our thematic coverage page for a complete list and planned schedule.

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