Editorial Team


Mary Ahearn, Retired USDA- Economic Research Service
James Novak, Auburn University

Technical Editor

Patricia J. Keough-Wilson, Plains Harvest Communications

AAEA Outreach Advisory Board

Tatiana Borisova, University of Florida
Hayley Chouinard, Washington State University
Caron Gala, C-FARE
Stephan Goetz, Penn State University
Jason Henderson, Kansas City FED
Rodney Jones, Oklahoma State University
Ani Katchova, University of Kentucky
Larry Lev, Oregon State University
Brad Lubben, University of Nebraska
James Novak, Auburn University
Gary Schnitkey,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dawn D. Thilmany McFadden, Colorado State University
Luis Ribero, Texas A&M University
Michael Vassalos, Clemson University
Cheryl Wachenheim, North Dakota State University
Chris Wolf, Michigan State University
Irene Xiarchos, USDA Office of the Chief Economists

Editorial Communications

Proposed manuscripts, thematic proposals, and comments may be emailed to the editors: Theme articles and submitted article suggestions or submissions, send to Mary Ahearn at Mahearn54@aol.com or James Novak at novakjl@auburn.edu. Editorial communications may be sent to keoughwilson_239@msn.com.