4th Quarter 2004

A Statement from the Editors

Welcome to our second issue of Choices. We would like to draw your attention to several changes we have made during our editorship and then ask for your help.
  • First, we have tried to improve the accessibility of Choices to those who want a hard copy. With this issue, we introduce a whole issue PDF copy that people can download and, if desired, print.

  • Second, we are trying to improve the referencing characteristics of Choices. We have defined a volume number and page numbers across the whole document to allow typical journal referencing style. We are also peer reviewing all pieces so Choices is without question includable in the refereed article section of a vita.

  • Finally, we have included references to a page we will keep updated on our thematic coverage schedule, indicating both past and future topics. In that list, the timing of distant pieces may not always be right, but the list of covered topics will be. We provide this as we have discovered a number of people who want to join the theme and others that were surprised to find that an idea they had was already in progress.

    Beyond this, we would like to request your help in two ways:

  • First, please send us content. High-quality issues require high-quality content; we would like to see the profession help us by contributing more content. We would really like to see a significant increase in the number of thematic submissions and an enhancement in the stream of Grab Bag submissions. For submission requirements, see our submissions page.

  • Second, please help us reach people with mailing lists who can join in our outreach partner campaign. See our plea and forms to nominate or agree to be a partner on our outreach page.

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