A publication of AAEA

A publication of AAEA

About Choices

Choices, the magazine of food, farms and resource use, is the principal outreach vehicle of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, AAEA. In 1986, AAEA announced the launch of Choices, which began as a print magazine and has evolved into a free, online-only publication. Choices provides peer-reviewed articles exploring the economic implications of current food, farm, resource or rural community issues directed toward a broad audience.


Janet Perry, Retired USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service
Kynda Curtis, Utah State University

Technical Editors

Amy Bekkerman
Kathy Lipton, formerly of USDA-Economic Research Service

Choices Editorial Council

Kathryn Boys, North Carolina State University
Jody Campiche, National Cotton Council
Susan Capalbo, Oregon State University
Rebekka Dudensing, Texas A&M
Derek Farnsworth, University of Florida
Joe Glauber, IFPRI
Scott Irwin, University of Illinois at Ubana-Champaign
Nathan Kauffman, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University
Janet Perry, USDA-National Resource Conservations Service
Shellye Suttles, USDA-Economic Research Service
Ricky Volpe, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Bob Young, American Farm Bureau Federation
Ron Rainey, University of Arkansas
Cesar L. Escalante, University of Georgia - Athens

Editorial Communications

Proposed manuscripts, thematic proposals, and comments should be emailed to the incoming editors: Kynda Curtis ( or Janet Perry (