A publication of AAEA

A publication of AAEA

Submission Guidelines

Nature of Choices Articles

Choices is the principal outreach vehicle of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, AAEA. Choices provides current coverage on economic implications of food, farm, resource or rural community issues directed toward a broad audience. Articles are peer reviewed. Choices is a free, online-only publication.

Choices publishes thematic groupings of papers and individual papers. The topics repeatedly visited in Choices are agriculture and trade, resources and the environment, consumers and markets, agribusiness and finance, and rural community issues. All manuscripts are subject to peer review for publication consideration.

Choices articles address an outreach-worthy topic, showcase agricultural economics work, and are directed toward the largely U.S.-based Choices target audience  The writing style for Choices is journalistic. Choices articles are short, usually 8-10 double-spaced pages in addition to simple graphics and/or tables. Choices articles place the particular analysis in the context of a policy issue in a manner that is accessible to the outreach audience. While the underlying analysis of Choices articles is based on economic concepts, the information is presented without the use of economic jargon.

Submitting an Item

Choices requires electronic submissions via e-mail. Three types of submissions are sought:

  • Proposals for thematic groupings of papers, 
  • Individual articles for possible publication in Choices, and
  • Opinion articles.

Theme Proposals

Theme groupings of papers allow for a more comprehensive coverage of important topics and showcase the different perspectives of agricultural economics analyses. A submitted thematic proposal should:

  1. Identify the topic and the person proposing the topic.
  2. Identify the theme under which the topic falls.
  3. Make the case about why this is an outreach-worthy topic and which components of the largely U.S.- based outreach audience the coverage targets.
  4. Showcase economic work, possibly including non-economic coverage when needed for effective outreach.
  5. Identify 2-5 articles that would be in the package and the contribution of each along with contact information of authors.
  6. Indicate willingness of the person proposing the topic to serve as a guest editor who manages the double-blind peer-review process and is  involved in partnership with one of the Choices editors in preparation of the content.
  7. Indicate a completion schedule relative to an authorization date (i.e., done by 2 months after notification by the Choices Editor), and identify any critical dates that would affect outreach effectiveness (i.e., a piece may not be timely if not released by a critical date).

The maximum length for the proposal is 3 pages.

Submissions of Individual Articles

Single articles are especially useful when important issues are relatively new or new aspects of established issues have come to light. Individual articles should be submitted in a form that is suitable for a double-blind peer-review process, following the style guidelines described in the links below.

Submissions of Opinion Articles

Opinion articles are appropriate when an author would like to share a personal interpretation or view of a timely and important topic based on sound economics and logic. Opinion articles will be reviewed and published at the discretion of the editor and can vary from 2-12 pages.


Submissions may occur any time. Reviewed and accepted Choices material is compiled into quarterly issues and annual volumes. Subscribers and AAEA members are notified of new material by email.

Manuscript Style Guidelines

The editors have provided several documents to help answer any style questions you may have. Please refer to one of the documents below.


Proposed manuscripts, thematic proposals, and comments should be emailed to the Co-Editors: Kynda Curtis ( or Janet Perry (