A publication of AAEA

A publication of AAEA

Data Visualizations

United States’ Consumers Seafood Purchasing Behaviors And Habits

3rd Quarter 2024
Sharon Xin Ying Chuah, Zhifeng Gao, and Razieh Farzad

Soak or Flow? Choosing the Right Water Path for Potatoes

2nd Quarter 2024
Hope Nelson, Judyson de Matos Oliveira, John Lai, Lincoln Zotarelli

Hopping Into The Florida's Brewery Industry Statistics

4th Quarter 2023
Meri Hambaryan, Jonathan Stephens, Glory Orivri, John Lai, Bachir Kassas, Kevin Athearn, Shinsuke A.

Balancing Act: Unveiling Public Perspectives on Taming Invasive Aquatic Plants

1st Quarter 2024
Amanda B. Heinzmann, Olesya M. Savchenko, Candice Prince, James K. Leary

How Do Consumers Perceive and Respond to Recent Food Price Inflation?

3rd Quarter 2023
Sungeun Yoon, Lisa House, Lijun Angelia Chen, and Yan Heng

Hybrid Shoppers: How do They Divide Up Their Baskets?

3rd Quarter 2023
Maria Kalaitzandonkes, Brenna Ellison, Jonathan Coppess

Fishing for sustainable alternatives: Cell-cultured Fish

2nd Quarter 2023
Kealey Collison, Kelsey Vought, Abhishek Rajan, Olesya M. Savchenko, Kelly A. Davidson, and John C.

Farm Stress Data Visualization

1st Quarter 2023
Devon Mills and S. Aaron Smith

The Economics of United States Aquaculture

4th Quarter 2021
Jessie Marshall,Trey Malone, and Richard T. Melstrom

U.S. Consumer Food Insights During the COVID-19 Pandemic

4th Quarter 2021
Hailey Edmondson, Mackenzie Gill, Becca B.R. Jablonski, Jessica Ladd, Jairus Rossi, et al.

How has Covid-19 influenced the OJ market so far?

4th Quarter 2021
Yan Heng and Lisa House

What's the Farmer Worth?

1st Quarter 2021
Danielle Ufer, David L. Ortega, and Wen Lin

Functional Foods: Fad or Path to Prosperity?

4th Quarter 2020
Graciela Andrango, Trent Blare, and Guy Hareau

How Will COVID-19 Affect Halloween?

3rd Quarter 2020
Eleanor R. Messer, Kabir Advani, Brandon R. McFadden, Trey Malone

COVID-19: Effects on U.S. Labor, Supply Chains and Consumption

3rd Quarter 2020
Luis Peña-Lévano, Shaheer Burney, Grace Melo, and Cesar Escalante

How Food Pantries Help Mitigate Food Insecurity

2nd Quarter 2020
Zuhrah Alwahabi, Aaron Ates, F. Bailey Norwood