A publication of AAEA

A publication of AAEA

Data Visualizations

What's the Farmer Worth?

1st Quarter 2021
Danielle Ufer, David L. Ortega, and Wen Lin

Functional Foods: Fad or Path to Prosperity?

4th Quarter 2020
Graciela Andrango, Trent Blare, and Guy Hareau

How Will COVID-19 Affect Halloween?

3rd Quarter 2020
Eleanor R. Messer, Kabir Advani, Brandon R. McFadden, Trey Malone

COVID-19: Effects on U.S. Labor, Supply Chains and Consumption

3rd Quarter 2020
Luis Peña-Lévano, Shaheer Burney, Grace Melo, and Cesar Escalante

How Food Pantries Help Mitigate Food Insecurity

2nd Quarter 2020
Zuhrah Alwahabi, Aaron Ates, F. Bailey Norwood

How has Covid-19 influenced the OJ market so far?

4th Quarter 2021
Yan Heng and Lisa House