A publication of AAEA

A publication of AAEA
Farm Stress

Farm Stress

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Theme Overview: Farm Stress

Devon Mills and S. Aaron Smith

Increasing the awareness surrounding farm stress can help those who work with producers in addressing these issues. The four articles in this theme package explore the stressors that agricultural producers in different commodity groups face and examines the connection between farm stress and producer health.

Farm Stress Data Visualization

Devon Mills and S. Aaron Smith

Stressors such as financial issues, the weather, the economy, and social isolation can negatively impact agricultural
producers. This infographic provides statistics surrounding the issue of farm stress which come from a national survey
conducted by the American Farm Bureau Federation and Morning Consult. The infographic also lists resources that are
available nationwide to assist farmers with their mental health and wellbeing.

Risk-Induced Stressors for Row Crop Producers

S. Aaron Smith and William E. Maples

In this article, we explore stressors encountered by row crop producers, including weather and climate, uncertain and volatile input and output prices, access to credit, social isolation, compliance with government regulations, succession planning, and labor shortages. Sources of stress, by risk category, for row crop producers are discussed.

Exploring the Specific Stressors Faced by Cattle Producers

Charles C. Martinez, Rebekka M. Dudensing, and Joshua G. Maples

Cattle producers and ranchers experience many uncertain financial and production factors that can lead to significant stress. We explore some of the specific stressors faced by these producers and discuss the role of Extension economists in developing programming that supports producers facing these challenges.

Stress and Resiliency among Confined Animal Producers

Jada M. Thompson and Amy D. Hagerman

Confined animal feeding operations face financial, business, and strategic risks along with physical and mental stressors. Catastrophic events magnify these stressors on producers. Proactive planning and better understanding of the toll these impose can help build resiliency in producers to better manage everyday and large-scale event stress.

Addressing Farm Stress: Essential Insights for Agricultural Economists

Mary Nelson Robertson, Devon Mills, Heather Sedges, and David R. Buys

We examine stressors unique to farming, the connection between those stressors and negative health outcomes, and the need for a systems-change approach to address farmer stress and well-being.