A publication of AAEA

A publication of AAEA
The Agricultural Production Potential of Latin American: Implications for Global Food Supply and Trade

The Agricultural Production Potential of Latin American: Implications for Global Food Supply and Trade

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Theme Overview: The Agricultural Production Potential of Latin America: Implications for Global Food Supply and Trade

Elizabeth Canales and Marco Palma

The articles in this theme seek to provide an understanding of the agricultural potential, challenges and opportunities of different subregions in Latin America, an important trade partner of the United States.

Brazil’s Agricultural Production and Its Potential as Global Food Supplier

Yuri Clements Daglia Calil and Luis Ribera

Brazil is a resource-rich country with abundant land, water, and technology to ensure its production growth. New agricultural frontiers, production technologies (e.g., crop–livestock integration), limited political intervention, private-sector investment in infrastructure improvements, and diversified agricultural production increase Brazil’s potential as a global food supplier in the future.

Agricultural Production Potential in Southern Cone: Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

Alvaro Durand-Morat

Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay are projected to expand agricultural production and exports in the coming decade thanks to their availability of natural resources. Export taxes in Argentina, high logistical costs and environmental concerns in Paraguay, and high production costs in Uruguay are the main hurdles to achieving their full potential.

Mexico’s Agricultural Sector: Production Potential and Implications for Trade

Elizabeth Canales, Graciela Andrango, and Angelica Williams

A large increase in the capitalization of the Mexican agricultural sector has resulted in the rapid growth of Mexico’s production capacity and export flows. Trends in the specialty crop sector in particular show great potential. Despite this growth, the Mexican agricultural industry still faces many challenges and unrealized opportunities.

The Andean Region: An Important and Growing U.S. Agricultural Trade Partner

Jaime Málaga, Jorge Jair Avila-Santamaría, and Carlos E. Carpio

The Andean region represents an important U.S. agricultural trade partner. Exports to, and imports from, the region have grown in the past 20 years, and experienced a six- and three-fold increase, respectively. Growing populations and economies in the region provide prospects for continued growth in agricultural trade with the United States.

Agricultural Production of Central America and the Caribbean: Challenges and Opportunities

Felipe Peguero, Samuel Zapata, Luis Sandoval

This article examines the importance and current state of the agricultural sector in Central America and the Caribbean (CAC). We discuss the region’s potential for growth and what is needed to achieve such potential. Finally, we analyze critical trends in CAC’s agricultural foreign trade and their implications.