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China as the Leading U.S. Agricultural Export Market

China as the Leading U.S. Agricultural Export Market

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Theme Overview: China as the Leading U.S. Agricultural Export Market

Holly Wang

This article provides the overview to a set of four articles on China as the leading U.S. agricultural export market. In these articles the authors focus on China's corn and soybean exports, meat and poultry markets, evolving trade and domestic support policy, as well as their overseas investment.

Will China Import More Corn?

Bryan Lohmar

This article reviews some of the data deficiencies in understanding corn demand and supply in China with a focus on pork production. While there are many data uncertainties, it appears likely that China's corn feed demand growth will outpace future corn production growth and result in increasing corn import demand.

Emerging Markets for U.S. Meat and Poultry In China

David. L. Ortega, H. Holly Wang, and Maolong Chen

With a rising appetite for meat, Chinese consumers are no longer focusing on domestic products. In this article, we discuss emerging markets opportunities for U.S. meat and poultry products in China.

China's Growing Participation in Agricultural Markets: Conflicting Signals

Fred Gale

China and the United States have a growing trading relationship in agricultural products, but conflicts appear to be growing also. Chinese officials have signaled their intent to increase participation in global agricultural markets, but they will also actively intervene in markets to achieve food security, domestic stability, and related objectives.

Get Ready for Chinese Overseas Investment in Agriculture

Elizabeth Gooch and Fred Gale

In order to realize food security objectives and profitable investments, China endeavors to gain control over existing supply chains for imports while positioning Chinese companies to utilize untapped resources in less-developed countries. U.S. leaders in agriculture, business and government should be aware of this new development in agricultural markets.